THEY WERE SUCH FUCKING DICKS! They ignored me and treated everyone who wasn’t skinny and beautiful like they didn’t matter! When I asked them for a picture, calum literally laughed and pushed past me and said yea right! OH WAIT none of this is true at all. Do you see how painfully easy it is for people to spread such fucking painful lies? Ladies, lets not forget how wonderful 5sos have truly been to us.

so happily

@Alyssal12: Zayn and Niall at the grove today 

namelessgem: Assume the Position

Harry wearing Minnie Mouse ears in Dallas (x)

Detroit - 16/08

Philadelphia - 8/13


we have an official book coming out this October ! its all about how we got together and became a band. we’ve made it just for you, as a thank you for everything you’ve done for us :D if you like, you can preorder it now from http://smarturl.it/5SOSOfficialBook x

Harry:”i’m not naughty on stage…Niall is.”